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Discussion in 'Car Modding' started by kpf480, Apr 16, 2019.

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    Does anyone know what the poly count for a racecar should be in rFactor2?

    Is 60,000 to 70,000 Polys enough?

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    I would like to know that too.

    But I think it is more accurate to ask what should be the maximum. Some cars could look fully detailed with 100k, and there are some cars that are monsters at detail, which could probably go up to 300k. Usually around 200k is enough. But I don't know what the maximum should be for rF2. Also you have to consider amount of materials, amount of different objects and how they multiplies the drawing calls (1object that has 1material is one call, 1object that has 2materials is two calls). Also consider size and amount of textures. Then finally there are LOD's.
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    300,000 is bit crazy amount, 200,000 poly is bit too much and will require a large amount of lods if you want high numbers in a race and good fps, 60 to 70k is a great place to be and you will find many cars have lower than that even.

    Provided lods are in use, 120k poly is perfectly useable as an upper figure and is plenty to make something look fantastic, I have cars that are 120k and they run fine with lods but without lods is pretty bad for fps.

    As an example I have a 120k poly car(with 4k body texture) that without lods gives about 30fps with 15 cars on track, and with 2 stages of lower poly lods goes up to 100fps for the same scenario, and this is on a nvidia 980ti which is still pretty high performing video card. Typically I see around 200fps for most cars in rF2 and I run rF2 pretty much maxed out configuration wise.

    60/70k poly with lods will look really great and run well too. You wont even need that high to look good tbh and if your doing an open wheel car, then there is a lot less poly needed on interiors too. Making lods will guarantee those with lower performing cards can enjoy as well;)
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    Don't forget that in terms of performance, the number of materials is nearly as important as the polygon count.

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