part of a circuit causes instant crash without warning but can go around it

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Daniel Hurlock, Apr 21, 2023.

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    So I've been trying to fix this for 3 days now and finally narrowed it down, its not the cI ar (tried many others same would happen, and the car is perfectly fine on other circuits) its not a conflict from another series i fully reset my Rf2 tried different drives and a million other things under the sun (took up my entire day)
    my trace file plus a video of how i can avoid it from crashing is attached
    bug avoidance
    and the issue

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    Can you check for a dmp file that matches the crash time? Per this thread:

    (if there's no dmp file from the same time, it means rF2 is catching the error and quitting, rather than an actual crash)

    It looks more like an object interaction, rather than a part of the circuit causing a display issue, but just in case what are your specs? Is it an AMD GPU? If so have you tried with the 'known safe' drivers 22.5.1?

    (you may wish to clear your Userdata\Log\Shaders folder , there's a dynamic.cache file in there which can sometimes cause problems. Maybe also the CBash folder, if that track doesn't have cbash included with it, you can find the track name and just delete its cbash and rrshd files in that folder)
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    Is this Yas Marina 2021 1.1 with Ligier JP 320?
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    Try going to rFactor 2\UserData\Log\Shaders and delete dynamic.cache, and see if it still happens.

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