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    Hello everyone.

    I've created a server that will be available for casual racing. It will not always be online, but will almost always be online during weekends and often weeknights. I will try to feature the latest ISI content. I will only run non-ISI content if the server becomes very active and the community wishes to have third party content. North American racers may find it a useful place to race as it will mostly be online during times they'll be active.

    Server Location: North America (MST Time Zone)

    Name: MapleRacing

    Race Type: Road

    Car: Dallara DW12 Indy Car

    Tracks: Portugal GP, Silverstone GP, Loch Drummond Long, Malaysia GP, Indianapolis GP 2014

    Event Stages: Practice 5 min, Qualifying 5 min, Race 10 Laps

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