NARS Trans Am TA2 Championship - COTA

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    The finale of the blockbuster series comes to Austin Texas on the famously winding F1 track designed by Tilke. With this being the last chance to bank points, expect drivers to make strong moves to grasp every one they can.

    Champion Motorsports is very pleased to partner with Storm Gang Simulation to bring the rFactor 2 Trans Am TA2 mod into a championship setting. Trans Am is an American tradition from the 60's and TA2 is by far the most popular category in the series. SGS has realized its 3 iconic muscle cars in exquisite detail. Backed by data and incredible input from Howe Racing, Katech Engines and several of the real world drivers, the TA2 2022 mod is one of the most accurate and realistic in the world. Join the race and feel the thunderous V8 power of modern American muscle! Big thanks to Gary Cross and Phil Stocks at SCSR.

    Mod Reveal Trailer:
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