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    Here is my rF2 Wishlist as well as some things that I've seen other people request that I would also like to see in rF2
    - Multiple Dash Pages for cars that have them irl (better explained here
    - Physics updates to fix any exploits and unrealistic aspects
    - LMH/LMDh cars in the future (2021,2022, 2023, etc.)
    - Toyota GR010
    - Glickenhaus 007 LMH
    - Future Ferrari LMH, Porsche LMDh, Acura LMDh, Audi LMDh
    - Porsche 911 RSR - 19
    - Remove turquoise tint on the in-car rear view camera mirrors at night and any other areas that it is present
    - official releases of Acura ARX-05 DPi, Mazda RT24-P DPi
    - Graphics updates( i.e. RTX, DirectX 12, etc.)
    - Fix bug that causes the game to crash with an all white screen randomly when exiting a race or going into settings while you're in a practice/qualifying/race session.
    - More race tracks (Daytona, Fuji, Suzuka, Bathurst, Monza, Shanghai, Bahrain, Kyalami, Road Atlanta, Laguna Seca etc.)
    - All currently running GT3 cars that are not in game ( Honda NSX, Lexus RC F, Lamborghini Huracan, Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo, etc.)
    - nerf any "OP" cars that dominate their categories(i.e. Corvette C7 GT3.R)
    - add option to Change tire pressure units from kpa to psi
    - Show laptime on car dashboards and HUD regardless of if the lap counted or not. Show laptime on car dashboards as you drive around rather than only showing the laptime after completing the lap unless the real car only shows laptime after completing the lap in real life.
    - Change ui to show the session time as 1:00:00 instead of 60, 4:00:00 instead of 240 etc. when you're choosing the session time. It worked like this in the old ui, but in the new ui for some reason it only shows the time in minutes. I'm not sure if this is a bug with my game or if it's a change that was made with the new ui.
    - proper headlight flash button for cars that have them(GTE, GT3, LMP2)
    - Working Rain Lights
    - make transitions from daytime - evening, evening - night, night - morning etc. look nicer and more realistic. Currently the transitions between times of day just look bad, especially when you're driving.
    - make dashboards run smoother
    - implement tc cut/ TC1 and TC2 on cars that have it(both Ferrari 488s)
    - implement launch control on more cars(many cars have "launch" buttons on their steering wheel, but launch control isn't compatible on them)
    - add LMP1 and LMP1 Hybrid cars(Rebellion R-13, Toyota TS050 Hybrid)
    - allow tires to puncture and overheat
    - add brake wear, brake temperatures that effect how brakes function, and brake changes. For an example of this feature look at ACC.
    - change the way that some cars drive to make them more realistic ( make GTE, GT3, and LMP2 cars feel less slidey)
    - implement onboard TC2/TC CUT for cars that have it such as both Ferrari 488 racecars
    - Dynamic Weather
    - give the option to disable the automatic "loading your favorite servers" screen or allow us to do other things while it's loading. This is especially annoying for people like me who don't have any favorite servers.
    - official release of Ford GT GTE/GTLM if possible
    - remove LMP2 cars from the DPi category/class now that we have the Cadillac DPi
    - Ferrari 488 GT Modificata
    - Tire model improvements: the Tire model needs some changes made to it, Tires should not be functioning best at minimum temperature and pressure. It would also be useful if the hud showed your current tire pressures.
    - the tire compound options on different cars could also be changed to be more realistic, not every type of racecar has soft, medium, hard, and rain tires available to them. GTE cars for example have only soft, medium, and wet tires according to Michelin. GT3 cars in-comparison generally only have a single dry compound and a single wet/rain compound, but they might have the GTE like tire options in 2022 IMSA GTD Pro.
    GTE tire compound info source:
    - Set-up presets for each car for each track similar to what ACC has or at least add this for all the paid cars.
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