Multiple Servers, Different IPs, Browse List Shows 1 Server, Change Ports?

Discussion in 'Hosting Help' started by George Lemos, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Have one machine, 3 rFactor2 servers. They are all on on seperate IP addresses x.x.x.11, x.x.x.12, x.x.x.13. I'm not sure my search was precise enough to find the answer the question so here goes.

    Even though I have one machine with different IP addresses, I believe I am supposed to change port numbers for each server in order for it to announce in the browser list.

    Right now of the three servers running, I only see one. Depending on each time I manually refresh it may show our server name #1, or our server name #2.

    I'm thinking ports, which ones, multiplayer.ini I assume in there.

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    You could have looked 2 topics down....

    There you would have found this:

    What you can do is bring them in 1 range, so you do not have to open up many different ranges in the firewall. Change the numbers concurrent, and you can open up 1 port range.

    Remember to open up 400 as well ;) It's the matchmaker port.

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