Much better replays are so close, yet so far.

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    For us peculiar individuals who like to make virtual car related movie clips, it's very frustrating that in a replay in rF2 you cannot simply position a camera where you want it and have it track a moving car.

    Currently, you can place a camera in whatever location you like, but it is either a static camera, or it won't track the car properly (it pans as if it where still in its original position), or you can pan it with the mouse/keys. Neither of these options is ideal. The other option is to move the camera, but find a certain position where it still somewhat tracks the car (at least for a short period of time), again this is far from ideal.

    It'd be great if we simply had a virtual camera that could be moved to whatever position we want, the ability to change its focal length (this already exists but not for all cameras), AND have it track the moving car. The virtual camera (when post effects are on) should also at least be able to focus on a subject in the center of the screen, not go out of focus when zoomed in or moved closer (i.e have actual realistic and dynamic focus). Audio that also matches the camera position would also be a bonus.

    I realise that many here would not give a hoot about this at all, but when you consider that the default camera placement is usually far from ideal, it just leaves so much potential on the table for some truely awesome and realistic replays that are currently just slightly out of reach. It's a pity. If only just a few minor changes where made to the virtual camera (at LEAST the ability to track the car from any chosen position and focal length), then rF2 could be showcased in a far superiour and realistic way for those inclined to spend the time on it.

    While I'm at it, the ability to screen record in game and have it save within an rF2 folder as a reasonably high quality MP4 file and not an obscure super compressed format would be nice.

    All of this is probably a lost cause for rF2 at this point, but one can dream can't they?

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