MNRL Super Touring World Cup - Knutstorp

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    We leave the UK and hop to Scandinavia for two races at this popular Swedish track.

    The 90's were defined by mid-sized people movers in motorsports. These touring cars revolutionized the format and became one of the most popular racing formats on the planet. The end of the decade saw the spec collapse as manufacturers ran up costs in a vicious pursuit for advantage. But the rivalries, races and radical body-kits influenced what touring car racing and underground car scenes would be in the new millennium.

    MNRL will tour the globe, visiting some of the tracks from each of the regional series where these cars battled it out and relive the glory of tight, sprint racing that fans remember best. And now drivers can enjoy races Tuesday evenings US timing or Wednesday evenings Euro timing.

    CMS is one of the most friendly, open and accessible sim communities in the world. With chapters in every modern racing sim, there's racing every day of the week in nearly every discipline out there. Nowhere else will you find this level of competition and comradery in the same place. Whether it's your first race ever or you're a vet in real life racing leagues, you're bound to have an incredible drive against someone each and every race.
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