MAS tool "hangs" when trying to create an update to a base component

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    I searched the forums and found some threads with similar problems but referenced links were dead so I didn't find what I was looking for. So I'm starting a new thread;

    I'm starting with the DLC component "Radical_SR3-XX_2020" and want to add our league's skinpack by doing an update. An update is the only option since the original component is encrypted.

    I first create MAS file containing the skins for every driver(for testing I only add one driver):
    driver1.veh - this file specifies eg: Category="My League 2020/2021"
    driver1.json (with all material specifics referencing the region file)
    RSR3-XX_Upgrades.ini (this file was extraced from car-upgrade.mas in the offical 1.05 release) . This file is needed according to this official guide:

    I assume the file names are not important, nor the name of the mas file.

    I then use the MAS tool to create "single component" and enter the component name "Radical_SR3-XX_2020" to match he official release, enter some filename for the component update(irrelevant?), mark the box "update from" and enter 1.05(that is the latest version of the Radical release, I've also tried updating from 1.04 that is the previous release), and finally enter some version name for the update(irrelevant?).
    Finally I add the mas file created in step 1 above.
    I press "Package" but nothing happens, Ive waited over a minute but I get no status message or feedback whatsoever. The "status box" statys red.

    Am I missing some important detail or is it impossible to create an update package for DLC somponents?

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