Low GPU Usage with SLI G-Sync

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    When started using SLI in 2016/17 the performance was troublesome, then during 2018/2019 both GPU scaling and behavior have been improved a lot.

    My current setup:
    i7-7700K OC at 5GHz, 1080 TI SLI OC, 16MB RAM 3200MHz, 3x1440p G-SYNC monitors.

    However, during an driver update I notice that GPU usage is back to being low, not as low as before, but usage newer goes above 70%. FPS instead drop to down to 65 FPS, but compare to before it's still smooth but the drop in FPS is noticeable.

    Have going back to oldest driver 436.30 (oldest possible on updated Windows 10, using DDU in safe mode), tried older rF2 version thru steam. Tried all different SLI bit I have been testing over time. Still same behavior.

    With exception of R3E, in all sims if not using V-SYNC/G-SYNC it will create micro stutter/tearing even at 200FPS. R3E is the only strange exception as it actually work better without v-sync and fixed FPS instead.

    This low GPU usage also applies to AMS, and I assume, rF1 as well.
    In other sims like AC, AMS2, R3E, ETC2, ATC etc, GPU usage is +95% when needed.

    If not using v-sync and/or g-sync GPU usage can increase to +95%, but then introduce micro stutter and/or tearing instead. It seems related to SLI/G-SYNC/triple combo and not any bus bandwidth usage that sometimes is mention, same behavior with AMS/rF1 (where my setup should easily manage 100FPS).

    Reducing setting helps to manage steady 100FPS, but only because lower GPU usage is needed.
    (it then stays below 70%)

    So any suggestion welcome.

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