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    Places That You Usually Forget When Cleaning Your House

    While cleaning our home, we tend to get carried away with all the big things and forget to clean a lot of the smaller places. You’ll always feel like there is something still missing even after you’ve gone through the whole house. In this post, we’ll guide you through all the secluded places that you usually forget to check when cleaning your house.

    Front porch

    Right from the start, we have the front porch, which is the first place that welcomes your guests to your home. But for some reason, we tend to focus too much on the inside without even noticing that the outside of our house is still dirty or full of clutter.

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    That being said, make sure you give your welcome mat a few swipes using your carpet cleaner to get rid of all the dirt and debris. If it gets too dirty, you might have to put it into the washing machine or clean it with the hose. In addition, you should mop away any stains and dirt on the front porch so that the guests feel welcomed.


    Window tracks

    While we often think of cleaning our windows at the beginning, we all somehow get the glass shiny but magically forget about the window tracks, which are often extremely dirty. No need to explain, I’m just like you guys. But luckily, I know ways to get around this.

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    In this case, you can attach the crevice tool on your hand held vacuum cleaner and let it pick up all the dirt and debris that sit down in the tracks. Then use the dusting tool to get rid of the tough chunks that are stuck on them. See, isn’t it easy?

    Sofa crevice

    Considering the amount of time that we spend sitting or laying on our couch and sofa, we tend to do very little cleaning on them. And more specifically, the crevices between the cushions are regularly ignored.

    Like with the window tracks, I also find the crevice tool extremely useful for reaching these tight spaces. Hence, it’ll only take a few swipes for you to clean your sofa crevices.

    Top and bottom of furniture

    Most times, we tend to neglect these places because they’re not usually visible to the eyes. But with time, the dirt will slowly build up and cause the whole apartment to become dusty.

    To effectively deal with these special places, you’re going to need the help of your https://i.imgur.com/T9F0ySY.gif good vacuum cleaner and an under appliance wand. Just simply attach it to your vacuum and you can clean the tops of your kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, underneath the sofa, and so on.



    Your keyboard is probably the dirtiest thing on your work desk. But the dust is often hidden underneath, making us think that our keyboard is still clean. The next time you clean your desk, make sure you use your vacuum and the dusting tool to get rid of all the dust inside. Turning your keyboard upside down and giving it a light shake will also help gather hidden dust and crumbs.

    Your cleaning equipment

    Ironic isn’t it? You can’t effectively clean your house if the equipment that you’re using isn’t fully cleaned itself. Which is why I recommend that you spend about half an hour before every cleaning session to clean your broom, mops, and vacuum cleaner so that they can function properly. Don’t cheat it since there is no point in cleaning with dirty equipment and spreading the dust and dirt around.

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    House plants

    You’ll be surprised to find your house plants significantly fresher and more alive after spending a few minutes wiping the leaves. Just use a clean damp cloth and you can easily finish the job. Don’t forget to clean up any loose dirt or dead leaves that may have fallen around the plant container.
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