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    After looking at the contents of these log xml files i have noticed some things are wrong.

    <Lap num="1" p="6" et="41.8608" s1="42.3576" s2="21.8753" s3="17.4347" fuel="-1.000">81.6677</Lap>
    <Lap num="2" p="6" et="123.5285" s1="31.2157" s2="18.8769" s3="30.7538" fuel="-1.000">80.8465</Lap>
    <Lap num="3" p="5" et="204.3750" s1="37.9816" s2="18.9810" s3="16.7385" fuel="-1.000">73.7010</Lap>
    <Lap num="4" p="5" et="278.0760" s1="32.5826" s2="19.9125" s3="17.2460" fuel="-1.000">69.7411</Lap>
    <Lap num="5" p="4" et="347.8172" s1="32.0435" s2="18.9354" s3="16.7816" fuel="-1.000">67.7604</Lap>
    <Lap num="6" p="4" et="415.5776" s1="44.6581" s2="18.8907" s3="16.6407" fuel="-1.000">80.1895</Lap>
    <Lap num="7" p="4" et="495.7671" s1="31.4969" s2="18.9301" s3="16.9954" fuel="-1.000">67.4224</Lap>
    <Lap num="8" p="4" et="563.1895" s1="32.2880" s2="19.1349" s3="23.4653" fuel="-1.000">74.8883</Lap>
    <Lap num="9" p="3" et="638.0778" s1="31.8976" s2="19.1501" s3="16.8673" fuel="-1.000">67.9150</Lap>
    <Lap num="10" p="3" et="705.9928" s1="40.0876" s2="19.0495" s3="16.8253" fuel="-1.000">75.9625</Lap>
    <Lap num="11" p="3" et="781.9553" s1="31.8994" s2="19.0425" s3="17.0865" fuel="-1.000">68.0284</Lap>
    <Lap num="1" p="2" et="41.8608" s1="39.1536" s2="18.9824" s3="17.0916" fuel="-1.000">75.2276</Lap>
    <Lap num="2" p="1" et="117.0884" s1="31.8029" s2="18.7384" s3="17.0608" fuel="-1.000">67.6021</Lap>
    <Lap num="3" p="1" et="184.6904" s1="40.7330" s2="18.6706" s3="17.0338" fuel="-1.000">76.4374</Lap>
    <Lap num="4" p="1" et="261.1278" s1="31.1147" s2="18.8831" s3="16.5273" fuel="-1.000">66.5251</Lap>
    <Lap num="5" p="1" et="327.6529" s1="31.5359" s2="18.6707" s3="16.4091" fuel="-1.000">66.6158</Lap>
    <Lap num="6" p="1" et="394.2687" s1="31.2483" s2="18.5686" s3="16.4404" fuel="-1.000">66.2573</Lap>
    <Lap num="7" p="3" et="460.5260" s1="31.3924" s2="19.0447" s3="29.7364" fuel="-1.000">80.1734</Lap>
    <Lap num="8" p="3" et="540.6994" s1="31.4274" s2="18.6866" s3="16.4146" fuel="-1.000">66.5286</Lap>

    why is it that the driver who only completed 8 laps gets 8 points and has a position of 1, and the driver who finished 4th with 11 laps only gets 2 points. This error seems to show up into grid editor programs aswell, and league points programs...
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