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    Following on from a hugely successful 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual in 2020, we are excited to present the first Le Mans Virtual Cup in partnership with the Automobile Club de l’Ouest.

    Required content:
    All drivers will be required to own all of the cars that will be used in the race, as well as the track to be able to join the server. Below are links to the game and the required content.
    rFactor 2
    Norma M30
    Le Mans

    Ahead of every race, we have a series of qualification sessions to determine the splits and grid positions for that race. The final race will be based of top 30 in the championship, 2nd split will be 31-60 and so on.

    Top split on Traxion's channels

    Livery submission:
    After qualification drivers can submit liveries. Instructions will be posted in 2nd post.

    Name vs nickname:
    We require every participants to use their real name in game, in our competition system and on our forum. We need to be able to recognize you. If you have a nickname and need to change it - contact our staff.

    Season schedule:
    03 September: Monza qualifying starts
    12 September: Monza qualifying ends
    24 September: Monza race // Replays
    26 September: Spa qualifying starts
    05 October: Spa qualifying ends
    15 October: Spa race // Replays
    17 October: Nordschleife qualifying starts
    26 October: Nordschleife qualifying ends
    12 November: Nordschleife race
    No qualifying - top 30 from championship advances to split 1. Please note several splits will be available and if x drivers from split 1 does not show drivers in split 2 will be moved up.
    17 December: Finale - Le Mans // Replays

    All qual sessions have static heavy rubber.

    Race day details:
    Race length:
    45 minutes
    In-game race time: 15:00

    Race day Schedule:
    19:50 - Registration starts
    20:05 - Warmup
    20:15 - Race start, standing
    Times after registration are estimates please allow +/- 5 mins for sessions to end


    A few notes:
    • Points system: (+ participation points)
      Main race: 35-30-28-27-26-25-24-23-22-21-20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
      Participation points: +25 per split.
    • 4 warnings before cut track penalty (but game controls this, so you might get a penalty before if you cut hard)
    • Penalties will be added to race time on the actual race
    • Drivers whom are registered to a Le Mans Virtual Series team are ineligible to compete in Le Mans Virtual Cup
    • The top two drivers will be invited to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual alongside pro drivers (to be determined by the organisers) either on-site at Autosport International Show or online
    • The event will be run on the rFactor 2 platform and using the Norma LMP3
    • Car setups will be fixed for qualifying and the race
      Steering lock, brake bias, brake pressure and starting fuel in Q and R can be changed.
    • Qualifying will be held at set times before each race and will determine which “split” a driver will compete in and the starting order of the race will be determined by this
    • Drivers are allocated championship points based on their finishing position (top 3 splits only)
    • The top 30 drivers at the end of the first three races will be invited to the Super Final on the 17th December
      • The grid order for this race will be determined by the championship position.
    • Full damage simulation will be implemented
    • Full simulation includes the use of fuel and tyres
    • Liveries can be submitted for all races, but only for top split (top 30).
    Please see guide on submission/template. Save as s397_lmc_xx (where xx is your number and the number you are assigned is your position in qualifying). Use winzip/winrar to pack it up and then submit AS PSD
    Livery submission
    Deadline for final round is 13th December at 8am, this is where the mod will be generated.​
    Discord link

    Qualification sessions at: (timezone as per rules CET/CEST)

    Updates / News:
    23/09-2021 - Fuel unlocked for both race and qual
    Round 3 deadline added
    27/10-2021 - 2nd post updated with top 30 from qual.
    11/11-2021 - After the race submission will open for those in top 30 in standings. PLEASE NOTE I WILL REQUIRE THE DRIVER to submit the livery this time. A bit to much confusion when several managers submit liveries for one driver.
    15/11-2021 - Top 30 in standings updated in 2nd post. Please review last update as well.
    16/11-2021 - Deadline added for final round liveries.
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  2. Round 4 top split (given that everyone shows up) - this is also your car number - PLEASE NOTE even if you submitted a livery before - you need to resubmit with the new number for this round.
    1 Luca D Amelio
    2 Janos Bracsok
    3 Christopher Högfeldt
    4 Jimi Nisula
    5 Remi Delorme
    6 David Kalocsai
    7 Henri Sinik
    8 Darius Andrei
    9 Cameron Barker
    10 Tom Stevens
    11 George Whitehouse
    12 Salvatore Zitiello
    13 Kevin Karas
    14 Tomasz Wach
    15 Fabian Balle
    16 Leonardo Pupo
    17 Andras Rosivall
    18 Juha Maki-Jouppi
    19 Martin Murguly
    20 Gergo Baldi
    21 Cristian Lazzaro
    22 Arnaud Plume
    23 Shaun Arnold
    24 Andrea Zampini
    25 Florian Cisse
    26 Stefano Zanrosso
    27 Dylan Hember
    28 Alexandre Peroche
    29 Damian Skowron
    30 José Rosendo Mirás del Río

    Please check rules in first post - it HAS to be the driver submitting these files, simply to make sure that the driver agrees the livery. We have several times now had conflicts in submissions.
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  3. Paweł Andrzejewski

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    Oct 5, 2018
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    This is huge. Looking forward!
  4. Alejandro Diaz Reina

    Alejandro Diaz Reina Registered

    Jan 11, 2012
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    45 min races only?
    No team racing?
    No driver swap?
  5. pedro ramada

    pedro ramada Registered

    Jan 4, 2014
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    This will be done in the rF2 competition system?

  6. Kevin Karas

    Kevin Karas Registered

    Jun 5, 2012
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    Noiiiice im in. Which Setups will be run?
  7. Yes
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  8. Fixed, default
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  9. jondolar

    jondolar Registered

    Jul 22, 2017
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    Hello, who would I have to contact to put my real name in the forum and in the cs? Thank you so much
  10. Kevin Karas

    Kevin Karas Registered

    Jun 5, 2012
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    I vote for a lone/private qualifying, otherwise its very unfair
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  11. Christos Segkounas

    Christos Segkounas Registered

    Feb 14, 2017
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    It would be nice if in the comp system the car in use were actually mentioned so people wouldn't have to check the forum to find out it is the lmp3.
    Because it's the actual car that drew me into trying it out and I was randomly informed of it.
    So sometimes the title of the series is a dead giveaway but when it is not there should be a mention of the car in use somewhere in the info before one sign up.
  12. Oscar Solís

    Oscar Solís Registered

    Jun 12, 2021
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    see you on track
  13. @Christopher Elliott
    I see the pm from you, can you also ask @Christopher Elliott in a pm please :)
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  14. Tony Raharidzery

    Tony Raharidzery Registered

    Sep 4, 2021
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    Great news.
    Is the Timezone CET?
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  15. Geoff Newton

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    Sep 4, 2021
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    In regards to the points per race, do you score points based on finishing position for all three splits (35 for 1st place, 30 for 2nd, 28 for 3rd) as well as the 25 participation points, or is that just for top split?
  16. CHenrique Melo

    CHenrique Melo Registered

    Sep 5, 2021
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    Goodnight. Alright?

    Please help me, the virtual Lemans 24h virtual championship to be held now in January 2022, will be held on which access server for the game "rFactor 2"? Because I'm interested in signing up to participate.

    Awaiting return.

  17. leseb64

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    Jul 6, 2020
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    in the game, competition tab, choose le mans cup and sign up
  18. Yes, well not until we switches to CET for now it is CEST as per rules both in code of conduct and in

    Any competition posted here will follow Central European Time zone, wether or it is in the daylight saving time.
  19. Let me answer you here instead of PM
    If there is 1 split it will get 0 participations points
    If there is 2 splits topsplit will get 25 and then the lowest will get 0
    If there is 3 splits topsplit will get 50 and split 2: 25 and lowest 0
    And this then continues.
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