[IRON] gara test campionato EGT 2015-16

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    Ciao, solo per dirvi che stasera c'e' la gara test per il champ in partenza, chi e' interessato passi nel nostro forum, qui tutte le info:

    Benvenuti al Briefing del TEST che si disputerà Giovedì 10-09-2015 a Portugal

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    rF2 build#: 998
    Server: IRaceOnline.com_EGT
    Mod: EGT by URD (pay mod)
    Track download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6znt0222v1bq0ld/ISI_Portugal_2009-v200.rfcmp
    Vmod: in allegato / see attachement
    Password (no PSW required during the weekly free practics): IROn
    Team Speak: IP
    Password: IROn
    Race Date: Giovedì 10 Settembre 2015/2015 September 10th, Thursday
    Race Timing and Rules
    -Practice: start 20.00 CET
    -Qualify: start 21.30 CET, 25 mins
    -Warm Up: start 21.55 CET
    -Race: start 22.00 CET, 75 mins
    -Max Lap Qualify: Unlimited
    -Fuel: Normal
    -Tyres: Normal
    -Damage Multiplier: 50%
    -Time Scale: normal
    -Start Race: 20.00
    -Set Up: free
    -View: Cockpit
    -Parc Ferme: no

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