Information on steering wheel; Motec config?

Discussion in 'Car Modding' started by Navigator, Apr 24, 2017.

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    Hmm, did we marry the same woman? :D
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    I think LEDSL was meant for a pit lane "speed limiter" light. When you press the rev limiter button on your steering wheel in the pit lane this activates your rev-limiter (aka speed limiter). I think the rfm files' *PitKPH settings determine a "default" pit lane limit for all the tracks in the series? But I can't recall how differing pit lane speed limits are controlled for an individual circuit's pit lane when it differs from the default.
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    Someone has to get work the pit limiter light?
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    Ehhhh, I can remember being very happy with my "self-altered" steering wheel. Worked hard on it and tested it a lot; it looked very nice to me and I loved it.

    Haven't touched it; been away from the system for 3 months.......
    Just put it on, wanted to drive a few laps and noticed right away that the "SW_Badge.DDS" was not there and so a weird looking wheel!
    It was okay when I left it and now.........I found myself not driving, but being busy for 3 hours, sitting in a position I shouldn't do, trying to remember how everything worked.........

    That, right there; after not touching the system for 3 months because of illness, finally managed to get myself into that chair again so I could just drive a few laps only to find myself messing around with something silly, something that was there is always something off.
    That makes me quit this whole game; one can't just sit down and drive; there's always something!

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