How to get involved in testing? (For Dummies)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by essracer, Feb 24, 2012.

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    Dear Comrades

    This is the first time I have downloaded a beta game before.

    Now, how do I get involved in testing/ feedback to the game developers? I would like to contribute.

    I was looking everywhere on guidance regarding this for dummies (like me) but to no avail. lol

    Is there a guide page?

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    Hi ,just post any errors or changes you'd like to see in the relevant thread. Also any fixes you might discover
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    Sep 24, 2011
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    But please, search for similair issues first just in case they have been covered already :)
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    +1 to what Slothman said.

    There are way too many threads about issues as it is, instead of them being posted in existing threads already. I think ISI must have someone fully employed sifting through all the threads each day looking for similarities in issues.

    So let's make their job a lot easier, which makes identifying issues quicker and the fixes will come a little quicker.
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    Always great to hear from new beta tester that actually like to contribute. A few tips along the road...

    - Read release notes for each update. Check what the devolopers want to get feedback on and focus on these areas. Don't flood them with reports in areas that they not are interested in yet.

    - Read known issues. There will be issues that are already known by the developers when they release a new update. Don't report anything they already know.

    - Check if something is already reported. Don't make duplicate post of issues already identified. It is not useless to add to an existing topic that you have encountered the same problem. Confirming an issue might be helpful to the develkopers to understand the exact problem. An old issues fixed but resurfacing shall be reported again.

    - Post reports in the correct place. This will make it easier borh for the developer and other testers to find your information. Be as informative and detailed as you can, provide steps to recplicate the problem and a possible solution if you have one.

    - Provide your hardware specs. Adding your specs to your profile will help developers to track hardware/driver related problems.

    - The further we get into the beta phase, the more you should try to think outside the box. Test anything (within feedback area) to fool the program.

    - Stick around and read on the forum. You might find something interesting and learn a few new things.

    - Try to be an asset and not a burden for the developer. They will do their best to answer your questions if valid but don't just take up their time with stupid demands. Remember that you are here to help them and make their job easier.

    Other than that use common sense...

    Have a great time and enjoy your stay!
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  6. Andy_R

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    Just to add to what has been said, if you do think you have found an error/bug, try to recreate it a few times (if applicable).
    It's easier for the devs to find a problem if you can give them a roadmap on how to get to it and recreate it at their end.

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