How do you add a skin to a mod?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Petethepawn, Nov 15, 2019.

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    Hey guys a newbie here, but hoping you can help - got a friend with the same problem.
    I am using an existing mod, have an existing .mas file with skins in it, I simply want to replace the existing skin for a new AI skin. So I cut the skin (.dds) from the .mas and add the new skin called the same name as the one I cut. Recompile the .mas. Copy the .mas back to vehicle installed - when I go in-game I can no longer see my class of car - it's disappeared. I thought this would work???

    I know how to add a custom skin to an existing mod, that is working as expected - but I simply want to change the default AI skin from A to B skin (same file size and name, same .mas). I am not worried about online, my friend and I ran LAN private so if I can get it working then I simply copy across the effected .mas to his computer and all good. A step through guide would be fantastic. Cheers Pete
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    I'm assuming you recompiled the mas properly. Is this a mod that you subscribed from the workshop or a standalone mod that you downloaded the rfmcp package? Either way try this.

    Click on "Series" at the main screen above both "Track" and "Car." Make sure you select "All Tracks & Cars" to the upper left and then also click "Accept" below. That's the only thing I can think of. I know I've had the listing empty before after re-packaging a vehicle and track or after deleting a rfmod that was loaded the last time I exited RF2. I've found it sometimes gets hung up and lists nothing because it's looking for a mod that is no longer there. Doing this seems to refresh the list.

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