Historic F1 1967 because the generic F1/F2/F3 and of course the Braby BT20 are GREAT!

Discussion in 'Wish Lists' started by Dunn Hill, Jun 15, 2014.

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    Is there a posibility to get licences for the complete F1-1967? The Historic F1 content is the best in rF2! Other stuff is just nice. I really enjoy the handling the Historic F1 cars have. I would buy such a Mod and 67-trackpack! The Braby is already there and Monza, Spa and Monaco also. We need historic Mexico, Silverstone, Zandvoort, Mosport, Kyalami, Watkins Glen and Rouen. The cars that remain are Ferrari, Cooper, Honda, Eagle and Lotus. I mostly drive the historic cars. All ISI tracks are masterpieces, so keep on with this great work!

    Edit: The Ring or Green Hell was also in the 67 season.
    I know! Keep on dreaming...
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    A 65 F1 mod was recently released for rF1. Its very good. I believe it was converted from GPL I think. Converting the 65 F1 mod to rF2 would be popular I think. The lower powered 1.5 liter engines in 65 would be more accessible. Currently the F3's are very popular. 65 F1's are probably comparable to the historic F2's. At any rate I'm all for historic open wheelers up to about 1975 vintage.

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