Help with thrustmaster tx wheel

Discussion in 'Hosting Help' started by Cristofer Pazmino, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. Cristofer Pazmino

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    Nov 29, 2020
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    The game is detecting my wheel but it’s not detecting the buttons I’m pressing or the pedals, so what do I do? I unplugged the power supply to the wheel and disconnected the USB’s as well and still nothing
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    Jul 6, 2016
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    even if the wheel is detected, you still need to assign all the buttons and pedal inputs. So first things first. Double check in windows that the wheel is responding properly in the control panel, then in rF2, try to assign the control inputs before calibrating. Start with the wheel and pedals, assign the left/right steering, the throttle, brake and clutch. Then go to the screen with the pedal/wheel graphs and assign the maximum throttle value by holding down the throttle and pressing the max button. Then release the throttle and press min. Same thing for the wheel. turn left and press max when you reach either the detent or the full travel(your choice) Hold it at that position and press the left button, repeat the process for the right direction and finally center your wheel and press the center button. If all that goes well, save the controller file under a new name and go back to assign the rest of your buttons. Save again. Good luck

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