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  1. Hi

    Is there an easy way to set grip / rubber amount for several tracks of one dedicated server session without selecting each track in the dedicated server UI and click on weather and selecting it manually?

    IMHO best approach would be to have an autosave.rrbin file which fits all tracks, so it can be copied to all track folders in player\settings and each track could be set to natural or realroad.

    Is this possible or in another way?
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    rrbin files are specific to each track. Even the smallest change to the track surface will render it invalid.

    I don't really see a way to automate this, apart from a convention that tracks have rr profiles with standard names (light, medium, heavy) and the server searching for a match based on your selection. Wouldn't be 100% reliable though.
  3. I guessed something like that, but there is an idea coming up ...

    Another question: if I place a .rrbin file and a .swet file in settings\<trackname> how does the dedicated server treat them? Will the .swet file out of the mas file still be taken until a parameter / option is set in e.g. multiplayer.json or will the .swet file of the folder be taken as a reference for track rubber and weather?
  4. Ok ... the idea so far:

    I would open the mas file of the track which is containing .swet and .rrbin files ... looking for .rrbin file with "highest value" (e.g. looking for pattern heavy or something like that) and copy that file to settings\<trackname>\autosave.rrbin (creating the folder in advance) and .swet file, too and then editing the .swet file and changing entry for first practice to 'natural'.

    I will give it a try next days, but I assume if start the dedicated server after doing those steps it should come up with a rubber / grip preset and natural progressing ...

    Am I missing something?
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    Another (automated) way would be very interesting and maybe more comfortable.

    I have done this manually by selecting the values i wanted in the dedi ui for each track and each session and after restarting the dedicated server the files in the Settings Folder were updated for each track. The Dedi then used those settings the next time(s) it was started with the same track. If other Settings were needed at another time i changed them manualy in the UI or in the Track Folder under Settings.

    For Server Admins a more comfortable solution would be nice. I tried APX and JustRace as an alternative. APX is dead and JustRace does actually not support all possible and needed options for the rFactor2 dedicated Server.

    So a solution (tool) Webinterface to (pre)setup dedicated Servers and a possibility to let them start automated at a given time/date would be fantastic and very welcome.
  6. It is close to it ...

    I want to avoid using the UI and start the dedicated server with +oneclick option, but with having set options for grip / rubber as I like before.

    Let's assume we do not use real weather plugin (as I am not sure if my idea will be valid if) and we are creating and installing the rfmod file automatically, then it would be handy to have the options set for grip automatically, too.

    If we have a look for the rrbin file in the mas files of the track we will have two options after finding the matching one: pasting the name of file into .swet file or just setting first practice entry in .swet file to natural and copying the rrbin file as autosave file to settings folder.

    The directory structure in settings folder can be created in advance automatically at the point when we extract the rfcmp.

    But as @Lazza said: it is not really reliable as rrbin files are not named 'heavy', 'green', 'light', 'medium' necessarily.

    And we do not know if there is 'heavy' and 'medium' rrbin only or if we have 'saturated' and 'green', too - an exception (and it proves Lazzas posting) is Rouen Les Essarts; I think the rrbin files are named '60ies grip' and '70ies grip' ;-)

    So if I want to start with medium always and only heavy and light are existing it becomes a little bit more complicated.

    In the end it might be hard to understand the reason why I am thinking about it, but if 9 of 10 tracks do follow a naming convention it would be pretty helpful (and the other ones would start with 'green' ...).

    And - last but not least - ofc we could start with 'green' or default values always if we have enough drivers and / or long enough practice sessions ...

    I will think it over again ;-)

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