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    Now before we start let me say that this thread is mostly aimed at the single car items in the rFactor2 item store on steam (

    !!! Single tracks are fine and not a problem !!!

    So this whole thread got triggered by the appearance of this website on the official rF2 Discord

    I haven't test it myself yet as I already own most of the content anyway (except 2 or 3 pieces) :D
    But the idea is that you login with your steam account and it tells you what you own and what not and how you get the missing content the cheapest way, I think.

    A solution to a problem which shouldn't exist and could be easily solved for the main content of rF2
    (main content beeing GT3, GTE, LMP. Perhaps even the Reiza and KartSim stuff in the future with the comp system). Heck the required packs already exist in the store!

    We see it all the time on the Discord:
    People join and ask why they can't join a server or a comp race because they don't know they need ALL the content used by the server or series.
    And this is not the fault of the player or the system but the store which gives you the illusion that you get away with a single piece of content (obviously this isn't a problem with free content or mods). To make things worse the store doesn't tell you anything. It doesn't tell you that you need all the GT3 or GTE to join a server.

    So they end up with a single car they like to drive just to find out they effectivly can't use it online.
    And to solve this they have to either buy all the other single cars required (10 single GT3 cars and 5 single GTE cars) or they go the cheaper way and buy the pack (!!!) and own one car twice.
    (you also get perhaps confused with the Porsche GT3 Cup, which isn't a real GT3 or the Ferraris because they are not involved in the packs at all etc.)

    My solution:
    start to sell packs only. You want to join this server or this series?
    You need this pack(s): x, y, z, ...etc.
    You have the packs and you can join no problem.
    Again tracks are another topic and ok for now.

    We get it. rFactor2 is designed so you need all the content which the server uses.
    This is fine and works and doesn't need to change.
    Other sims have the same problem where you need everything to join. But nobody moans there because they devs did design the packs so that is not a problem.

    Selling single items in a game which won't work with "own-just-a-single-item-to-race"-principle....
    This smells like trouble and user dissatisfaction from 1000 miles away.
    How did ever think someone this was a good idea?

    Yes I get it, the devs want to make everyone happy. OK, great.
    But especially now with the introduction and focus on an online competition system this is a huge drawback and stumbling block for new users who perhaps just know it the other way (yes, I talk about iRacers :D)

    Get rid of the single car items when possible.
    And with this I mean especially all the single GT3 and GTE items.
    Single pieces which don't seem to fit in a series are ok, like the Porsche Cup, BMW M2 or the paid Radical.
    And the thing is, most of these packs already exist.
    The GT3 pack, The Endurance pack, the Reiza pack, The KartSim pack. Yes even with the Reiza and KartSim packs this is a problem that they still sell it as a single item.

    You save yourself so much trouble and dissatisfaction with new users who will perhaps join now with the new comp system.

    I will also post the picture of my first message on the Discord below + a question from @Remco Majoor .
    I'm too lazy to write everything again:D.
    1.PNG 2.PNG

    I'm sorry if I got in a little rant while writing this but I think this is a huge improvement rF2 could do with very little effort.
    Also if you have any questions or improvements to this idea please answer to this thread so the devs will notice it.
    Also I'm sure my grammar got neglected while writing this + I used google translater for a few word :p
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