[Gameplay Request] Ability to make AI to use different setups between qualifying and race

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    So for example, I make two setups called "AI_Qualify.svm" and "AI_Race.svm" with the following stats:
    Fuel for 3 laps (warmup, timed lap and pit in)
    Suspension tuned for oversteer
    Softest compound on tbc file
    More fuel.
    Less oversteer suspension tune.
    Start with the tires used on the qualify end and the tire has the same wear as when the car finished the qualify.
    I want to make the AI to use the "AI_Qualify.svm" on qualifying session and "AI_Race.svm" on the race session, but in the actual version this is not possible as far as I know. If possible can S397 work with this in the November Roadmap Update?
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