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    Hi guys, i've been playing rf2 since the first steam release.

    I had some fps issues and I finally took initiative to try and fix it. :)

    My specs (custom built) :

    Nvidia GTX 750 (1024mb dedicated video memory)
    Intel i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz
    Asus b-85 pro gamer motherboard
    8 GB ram (not sure what kind)
    1920x1080 single monitor (60 hertz)

    I did 3 benchmarks using fraps on Palm Beach International Raceway v2.02, since it is one of the latest tracks updated using the honda touring cars with AI control.


    1. Lowest settings (everything offed)
    Min 118
    Max 139
    Average 128

    2. Medium settings (I halved every graphic option)
    Min 90
    Max 110
    Average 98

    3. Full settings (Maxed out everything)
    Min 23
    Max 35
    Average 28

    Note :
    All of this was done with the stock ISI content, Level 4 AA, no AI, no Vsync, and on balanced power plan.
    I also used default NVIDIA factory settings on the control panel and it is updated to the latest version.
    I have checked that I have used the GTX 750 as the main card,

    Is it normal for me to play on EVERYTHING offed/ultra low to get a stable 60+ fps with AI or multiplayer with stock content and modded content?
    I feel like something is not right, I can run AMS, GSCE, rF1 on all MAX 60+fps, and I understand that those games are using a slightly different game engine, right? Oh, and pcars on medium settings have better performance than in rf2. weird. :(
    I cant even run a consistent 60 fps in a race with more than 30 cars on ultra low, even with 10 visible vehicles setting only.
    The fps drops when im running down the start finish straight.
    I think my PC reaches the recommended requirements, but why is it so laggy?

    Whats your opinion on this? ples.....

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