Formula 1 1982 European Series! Vote for when it should run!

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    Come enjoy the thrill of the entire 1982 Formula 1 season, run by EmperorOfFinland the mod creator himself. We need your vote on the best day to run the series: Friday or Sunday.

    This mod features all the teams of the year when engines and aerodynamics were in massive flux. Choose a turbo engine that's fast but thirsty for fuel and always ready to blow, or a safer NA that's quick at the start. Tyres can be bias ply for a little more slip angle or radials for more consistent wear. And if you don't feel like running a front wing, take it off! Ground effects can keep you planted but you won't have as much front grip on twistier tracks. Build the F1 car you want like an engineer from the 80's.

    Powered by Champion Motorsports.
    Server name: CMS MNRL F1 1982 [Track Name]. Arrive and drive! Times in GMT

    ~Server Reboot/Practice: 1:00 PM Race Brief: 2:55 PM Qualifying: 3:00 PM Pit Box Check/Warm-up: 4:00 PM Race: 4:15 PM ~

    Poll closes March 16 at Midnight GMT

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