Formation Lap mode and red light after disconnect

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Kevin Karas, Jan 5, 2023.

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    Some might know about that LFM NLS race with 72 people that got mass disconnects today :D So I was one of them. I rejoined the race and wanted to end the race nevertheless, BUT my game was in Formation Lap mode AND pit light was red. After my teammate (the Bentley infront), who did all the same had a green light and could finish the race I just exited, got a penalty, did my drive through but still a red light, which then caused me to disqualify.

    Here at this timestamp I rejoined from the pit.
    Despite all that server issues, this might have been a bug in the system.

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    The same here. When I did the rejoin, the game put me on the finish straight and displayed the message "Formation Lap" and told me that I was "ahead of the car that I should have". I let the one behind me pass, but the message was still there. Finally, disqualified me.
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