force reconstruction filter and slew rate

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    I would like to know how to set these filters in True Drive for a SC2 Pro in rf2 and how they impact the ffb
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    The Reconstruction filter acts as a ffb-smoothing filter but, uses a complex formula. Where things may get more confusing is when we apply "Smoothing" in rF2 (rF2 ffb), we lose our sense of having a proper baseline to work from (imo).

    I tend to use the Smoothing in rF2 as a way to provide a baseline filter to clean up the FFB signal, removing the harsh grainy ffb effects. The I use the Reconstruction setting to fine tune the ffb characteristics further.

    Slew Rate, as I understand it, is a way to limit some of most extreme ffb-forces. In theory, this allows us to run higher FFB-strength while offering us some protection against extreme forces that may occur. I'm not 100% clear on that so, I've done very little testing with it. For the most part, I leave that setting off.

    More TrueDrive Settings:

    Friction: I use this to add some weight to the steering. It provides a sense of mechanical friction.

    Damping: Damping is mostly about "Speed of Wheel Rotation" although, using too much will also reduce detail. If a proper balance cannot be reached while retaining desired level of detail, adjust the Reconstruction-filter to compensate.

    Inertia: Useful for boosting certain ffb-effects while reducing constant forces (such as self-aligning torque / SAT).
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