Floating Car, Invisible Track

Discussion in 'Track Modding' started by Brendon Ross, Sep 22, 2022.

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    Im converting over a Custom Track im making in AMS, but also creating to have in RF2, im using DEV mode to create the AIW File, can load all fine, but have ran into the issue where the car is floating and i cannot see the track or any objects at all.

    I have done a straight export out of 3DSimmED by exporting using the Rfactor 2 option, i have rectified all errors that came up for missing objects or inccorect textures, now im at the stage where it loads me into the track but i cannot see the track, I can see when clicking on the AIW option the temp AIW file i added which works fine in AMS, just to load that into game.

    Any help appreciated, Cheers
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    Load the Track into 3DSimEd and check where the 0,0,0 Coordinate is.
    If it is on a drivable Surface, from that you can drive to the Road, use a complete empty AIW File and load the Track.
    If 0,0,0 is away from the Track, move the whole Track to a Position where 0,0,0 is somewhere on the Road.
    Or, rightclick on the Road somewhere and take the XYZ Coordinates (Memorize XYZ).
    Then put this into the empty AIW File:

    and replace the XYZ with the XYZ that you have taken in 3DSimEd.
    Then save it and load the Track.
    Note: The XYZ Order is different in the AIW Entries. Just replace X with the X, the Y with the Y and the Z with the Z Coordinate from 3DSimEd.
    And don't use a non rF2 AIW and also no AIW from another Track.
    Use an empty one or one with the above described Entry, depending on where 0,0,0 is.
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