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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Samoht, Oct 10, 2023.

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    First of all thanks to the team that worked hard to provide us with the new online multiplayer competitive experience. We can all agree that there is potential and what is provided so far is a solid base to continue building on for the future.

    Though it's a beta and like every beta it's not perfect yet. Bellow my list of things I would consider vital to even consider moving from beta to release:

    1. Being able to see the event details (especially track layout used) for every scheduled event and not only the next one.
    2. Practice servers up and running for every scheduled event and not only the next one.
    3. More and better sized (in term of specs/performance) practice servers. Too many times we cannot join a practice server.
    4. Being able to start a solo session with the exact same specs of a given event (from the online menu).

    5. Recovery system. Being able to re-join a server when a crash or disconnect happen:
    => I got sent back to the Online menu in between the end of the qualification and beginning of the race session (during the loading) and stuck in a loop of "Loading Server" with no option to re-join before the race actually starts.


    6. Disable all assists (except auto clutch/blip). It's supposed to be a competitive multiplayer.

    Thank you.
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    There's a feedback section on Discord, which is where all of the feedback is being put.

    (Practice server issue is a known problem BTW).

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