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    Hello everyone

    I have a OSW kit with a Fanatec formula wheel.

    I also have Intel I5 4440 processor and rfactor2 has really been pushing close to the limit to the capabilities of the processor but everything was working fine. The problem here is that I downloaded fanaleds and used the plugin for my leds to work. After this and ever since my processor cant handle both rfactor 2 and leds in my wheel (i experience lags).

    I have been trying to deactivate fanaleds by removing the plugin from rfactor 2 folder, deleting the plugin, uninstalling fanaleds, uninstalling rfactor and installing again erasing everything but somehow the leds keep working.

    Now, im sure its the leds fault because when (1 out of 10 times) the leds dont work rfactor works smooth and perfect.

    So, does anybody know a way to fix this ? I really dont care if the leds dont work and Im planning to upgrade my processor soon but in the mean time any way to deactivate the leds ?

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