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Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Al101, Nov 4, 2019.

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    I have fanatec v2 base with F1 2019 limited edition wheel and v3 fanatec pedals. Last time I used RF2 was on windows 7 since I have upgraded to windows 10. my wheel and pedals are in my device manager as well as showing in my controllers steam big picture. I have tried to setup manually but no success I have been reading forums I am out of ideas works fine in iRacing and raceroom experience. thanks
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    Make sure you have the latest firmware and drivers for the wheel.
    Make sure the wheel is powered up before starting Steam.
    Speaking of Steam, "I myself would not knowingly have my wheel and pedals going through Steam and whatever big picture is. Sound like something to use with their Steam controller.
    Try and use USB 2 ports not USB 3.
    Delete your rf2 controller.JSON .
    Sometimes restarting the pc has been a fix.

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