[Endurance Pack] - ALT skins not applying correctly in MP

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by caterkiller, Apr 24, 2019.

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    Hi, we have tried a lot of things but custom skins doesn't apply to the right drivers in multiplayer.
    We have followed the S397 tutorial to create the RCD files, renamed them correctly to have corresponding RCD and directory files, tried to use autodownload, tried to point on the DDS file into the RCD, tried to pack the DDS into a MAS and point on it... Nothing works correctly.

    Driver A can see Driver B and C with Driver A skin but correct Window for example, and Driver B can see A and C with C or B skin.

    Please fix this, because I think I'm going mad ! Other leagues using this pack also have the problem.

    If you have a solution, and a full tutorial, I'd love to do it !

    The only champ I know that doesnt have the problem is the VEC, but they have access to the base mod so they can use the upgrad system instead of RCD files.

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