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    Nov 21, 2016
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    I mentioned VR to the wife a while back, and got one of those looks!

    So, a cheaper alternative was sought. TrackIR looked really cool, but £150 is a lot to spend out on something you may not like.

    I came across some posts on the Elite forums talking about head tracking alternatives and one that kept coming up was Ed tracker.
    I found one on ebay for £20 so it was a no brainer to try it.
    Wow, what a difference it makes. VR makes a lot of sense to me now when people talk about seeing apex,s and immersion.
    While the head tracker obviously falls short of VR, it's really cheap and easy way to see if you might get along with a full VR setup. I did get a little motion sickness for a while, but quickly adjusted.

    Using the open track software I can use the Ed tracker on all my sims.
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    You should try EdTrakerPro, well made and working really good with open track!
    They are going to release a wi-fi model too...
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    Have a look at facetracknoir


    Tried it a few years ago, it worked great. took a bit of setting up to stop motion sickness, but worth the effort.

    Have to say, I went back to look to apex, but it did work well.

    Think it may be dependant on the camera used, mine was only cheap, but some of the other guys on SimJunkies were reporting having issues with it, where as it just worked for me.


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