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    I have some suggestion how to integrate the driving-aids into rF2. There are some limitations in the rF1 physic wich aren`t optimal for some racing-series. Here are some examples:

    Suggestion 1: Car-dependent driving-aids:
    Imagine the SRO-GT4-classes and all racing-series in wich those cars participate in. Some of those cars like the BMW E92 M3 are using dynamic stability control in real-life, some of the others don`t. If you want to have online-races with those sort of cars it's hard to make the right decision of wich driving-aids should be allowed on the server, because you have to make a decision for all cars. As a result there are always some cars disadvanted, regardless which driving-aids are allowed.

    Suggestion 2: the possibility to make driving-aids not-adjustable:
    There are racing-series like the german VLN, in wich some cars are using production-car-antilock-braking-systems, without the possibility to turn it off. In rF1 there is no way from preventing the player to turn the ABS off. As a consequence the player is able to go faster than in real-life, because production-car-ABS is limiting the deceleration.

    Suggestion 3: the possibility to fully customize the driving-aids:
    It's not possible to imagine modern GT-cars without driving-aids like ABS and traction control. Those driving aids are a part of the setup nowadays and are very adjustable. As an example most modern Motorsport-TC- Systems can be adjustet in 8 or more steps. In rF1 we only have two steps for ABS and three for the traction-control. There`s no way define the number of steps.

    I hope those suggestions are interesting for the developers of the physic-engine. I think that there are many future-mods wich could benefit from this, if it could be implemented in rF2.

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