Disable Chat on server or Filter Chat?

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    Hi, I'm test running some servers at the moment for a competition (and a general bit of fun) that is due to open very soon however our partners are concerned about the ability to impersonate some one else very easily on an rF2 server by simply changing the name fields and also at the lack of filtering that goes on for chat messages that contain abusive language.

    We decided the best way to discourage this impersonating would be to turn off the chat function and have people communicate only through Discord where it is harder to impersonate someone else. However we have not been able to find a way to disable the chat function.

    I think this must be a very basic feature that I'm struggling to find, so if it is there somewhere please let me know of if there's a plug in that will help it would be greatly appreciated, any general advice would be appreciated. (Just for the record we did open a test server and the above did happen hence the concerns)
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    Very first line in multiplayer.json

    "Allow Chat In Car":true,
    "Allow Chat In Car#":"whether to allow incoming chats to appear while in car",

    Change that to false in the server's multiplayer.json.
    There is also passenger and spectator chat options in the multiplayer.json
    I would test that to see if server/race messages are not displayed or if it is only "chat" messages.
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