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    I'm not sure if anyone else is in this use case, but I typically am running between 2 and 6 dedicated server instances on one server (no full rf2 install). I'm working on some automation that requires data available via the REST API and not the plugin API (ie session settings).

    There is an avoidable, reproducable bug that results in the REST API returning 404 for all normally valid endpoints.

    If I start launching one instance and, while it is loading to the modal to choose the series, launch another instance, all instances will have a broken REST API until I close all instances and start again, with more patience.

    If I wait for each instance to load before launching another, all is fine (each profile has a different port configured).

    This has the reasonable workaround of wait, but it would be very convenient when automating the launching of these, to not have to account for it.

    Alternately, if there's a way to get all the info I need from the plugin API, I'd be happy to move away from the REST API as it seems to not be officially supported.


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