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    I am new at this so please bear with me....what is a "Torrent" file? And why all the mirror files?... e.g. RSP, SSY, & XRPM? I have upgraded to build 146, I have downloaded all mods, most everything working fine, but here's my problem...In Mod Manager I get the message "Unable to install Mods". The Mods I can't install are IsR Corvette 1.0 Mod, Corvette 1.0 Mod, GT World Endurance Championship 1.0 and 1.1 is installed. (1.0 is in the Mod Manager...can't install it or get rid of it even tho 1.1 is installed.)
    Last but not least, Renault CLIO Cup 1.mido...cannot install it.
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    Hope my english is clear ...

    Torrent is a sort of peer to peer network


    Mirrors are useful because people can use the fastest for his ISP.

    The updates for ISI mods (files with rfmod extension) require to have installed the base version.
    So, install GT World Endurance Championship 1.0 first, then update it to v1.1.

    The other mods you are talking are virtual mods built by third part users.
    Virtual mods (VMods) are small files which put together some components (cars and tracks).
    ATM the system is WIP and, in order to install a VMod, you must have installed all its components.

    You can right click on the mod you cant install and select Properties, then Advanced Info.
    In Advanced Info you can see the list of the required components, and you can see which components you are missing.
    Install the missing components and you will be able to install the VMod.

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