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    hi all,i was to using v-sync and had input lag to.now im off with v-sync(sync is off in game and in ati CCC)and now using d3doverrider to use sync and everything seams ok i think.(graphic is smooth and im on 60fps all the time)
    everything is on full except shadows are on med,road reflection,wind,reflection are off and shadow blur to.hdr and fxaa are on and anti aliasing on level 3.so graphics are ok in my case.in ati CCC everything on default except mipmapping on quality.this is whitout any ai
    did someone tried sync with d3doverrider?
    my pc spec:win 7 64 bit,asus p5q deluxe,intel dual core e6420 2,13(overclocked 3,20),4gb ram 800mhz,hd 4870 1gb ddr5(little overclocked)single monitor,g25.this is my 3/4 years old pc,i know its old ;) im planing to upgrade soon :).
    every build i had different issue with fps,example in build 118 i had fps issue with ISI tracks and with this build ISI tracks are ok(but transparent like said before)and other tracks are little hungrier now.
    i made a pc case with very good air flow but ugly :) (i had a problems with pc temps to high),now everything is optimal,cpu on load 30°,idle 17/20°,gpu load 55/65°(depends of game)idle 44°.i dont have water cooling i just made better air flow with fans and few things and my pc like this way much better.high temps are killer for system and performance.
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