Custom Cars in DLC Update package not showing in Creat Mod Package

Discussion in 'Hosting Help' started by Mongoose, Mar 28, 2019.

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    For a league I am in, we created new update packages for the skins for the GT3 DLC packs. The cars appear to work totally fine online, however when I go to setup the dedicated server and create the event package, the cars don't show on the screen where you would package it and install it. We gave each model a unique version number so as not to clash with the existing parts, and not get overwritten later, and he have not removed the existing versions.

    The new packages are installed, and selectable in the first stages of setting up the event mod package, but when I get to the last step, the individual skins are not there. They work offline, but for whatever reason, they don't here.

    We are relatively new to the game and have been hosting races with the default DLC content like the karts and the basic GT3 stuff, and we have done with mods too, but this is our first run with our own skinpack. Any ideas what's got us held up?

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