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    I am wondering how i can do this the best way and if the current setup is the right one (or just wasting my time).

    I am using different skins which sometimes are combined in packs.
    I love a Le Mans grid. Currently i have all the cars and 2018/2019 skins as possible.
    But some skins are combined in for example "Le Mans 2018", "Le Mans 2019" packs + separate skins without packs etc.

    So what will happen when i want to race i can select all these opponents but this will result in duplicated skins or 10 Ford GT's, 6 Astin martins, or mixed 2018 and 2019 skins for 1 car/model etc etc.

    I've tested a couple of things to find the best way to resolve this.
    1 option is to select the car and create a new directory for it via the tuning option and create a new team, name etc etc which will generate the .crd files.

    in side these files i've added 2 extra lines:
    Classes = Le_Mans_custom
    Category= WEC, Le Mans, Custom Skins

    This way with the classes value i can select 1 filter in the opponents which will give me all the cars/skins i want in the race.
    But...... I takes a lot of time to edit all these files + to select every car in the game, tune it, set the correct names etc etc.
    This far i only got some GTE cars like the BMW, FORD, Astin martin, and 2 more.

    Still missing all the LMP2, porsche, ferrari....

    And i don't know if this will work and will not be lost once an update of the game, car/skin will be released. Do i need to create all new .crd files etc?

    I've tried to select the opponents inside the race monitor, but this also takes up a lot of time to select them all with that dropdown menu. And when you want to race again the next day..... you can select them all again...

    Isn't there an easy way to do this?
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