Crashing AI and weird session issue

Discussion in 'Technical Archives' started by Minibull, Nov 27, 2012.

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    I was doing some running around Monaco last night, and had a mix of different cars. F1's, WSR3.5's, 370Z and GTR, Formula 2 and the old 60's F1 cars. I know that Monaco is meant for the old cars, but still.

    All of the modern cars were crashing at the chicane du port/nouvelle chicane. Their entry speed looked fine, but they were entering the corner at far too shallow an angle. They would clip the first corner fence, and then slide across and hit the second fence, which would send them flying into the air. All on their first lap too. With the current pitting bug, they would then just sit in the pits for the whole session.

    There was another bug I found at Spa, yet again with a mix of cars as above. The modern F1 cars would for some reason select the shortest gearing possible. Either that or they weren't getting out of 2nd gear. This lead them to doing laptimes well into the 4 minute mark, behind everything else.

    This brings me to the session issue I had, which was when I thought I'd hit the restart session button, maybe the AI just got a bit mucked up with the F1 cars. After clicking it, the game sat for a little bit loading. The session had restarted but there was only 1 car in which was AI, I wasn't in the player list, and I couldnt boot or add any AI to the session. I had to go and quit then come back in. No idea why that happened, I was running 27 cars at the time though.

    Just thought I'd make these issue known. If you have already seen them then yeah, sorry :)

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