Cost of traction control

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    I am enamored with the Orecas, especially running them on the 2017 LeMans course. The Orecas have traction control, but I can't find anything about the tradeoffs of running it high or low. Is it like working with differential? Pretty much the most you can find about traction control relates to the TC help you get gamewide by pressing one of the function keys, and the sage advice is to turn that off as soon as you get the game unwrapped and out of the box. But this isn't a newby's helper; it's part of the car, so what's the real scoop on the TC in the new endurance line up?
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    A certain amount of wheel spin is needed for optimal acceleration. Not having enough slip can also be a cause of understeer in some situations. Tires will of course last longer with less slip. High settings should always be used in wet conditions. If it's not too much of a distraction for you, you can change settings for different corners on the same lap.

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