CMS World Sportscar Championship - 60 Mins of Long Beach

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    VMSC goes from the balmy Florida climate to the balmy California climate for a track that will be like a herd of horses in a hallway.

    Condensed-format endurance racing like none other that follows the IMSA & WEC calendars. Multi-class/category, live weather, big grids and close competition regardless of skill level. The custom Hypercar and GT mod is meticulously developed in-house by Storm Gang Simulation: A modding team of real-life race drivers and racing engineers. WSC 2024 contains all active LMGT3's and Hypercars, all Smart BOPed within the FIA/ACO/IMSA specs. There has never been a more complete modern sportscar experience in sim racing.

    You won't find a more respectful and caring league of drivers from around the world. Clean and respectful racing is the norm with opportunities for driver development with some of the best in sim (and real life) race car drivers.

    CMS showcases 2 WSC championships: The North American Racing Series on Thursdays (IMSA calendar) & the Virtual World Sports Car Championship on Saturdays (WEC+MEC).

    For more information on the mods and series, please visit the following links:
    See #league-info for download and signup instructions

    You can also see what Storm Gang Simulation is working on next:

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