CMS World Sportscar Championship 1964 - Daytona

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    A new season starts at America's most iconic location. Go back to the 60's when the racing was raw, the cars were untamed and the lighting wasn't so great.

    The Virtual World Sportscar Championship and MNRL feature incredible multi-class (Pro & Am) short-format endurance racing with the custom built WSC 1964 mod by Storm Gang Simulation. Live weather, big grids and close competition regardless of skill level. The era of the late 60's made for some intense matchups and manufacturers from around the world were forming rivalries and eyeing up the biggest prizes. Featuring work by: SmallBlockHero, Robi3381, Perendinator, Brian B, Legion, Ben Boorman, Ozerdogan Design. See more on the website: or

    Champion Motorsports is one of the most friendly, open and accessible sim communities in the world. With chapters in every modern racing sim, there's racing every day of the week in nearly every discipline out there. Nowhere else will you find this level of competition and comradery in the same place. Whether it's your first race ever or you're a vet in real life racing leagues, you're bound to have an incredible drive against someone each and every race.

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