Caterhams at Knockhill! Saturday Nov 19th - 8PM EST

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    Celebrating the release of the excellent new Knockhill mod by @lasercutter , we'll be doing a sprint race with the Caterham Academies there this Saturday at 8PM EST and you are all invited to join us here:
    Game: Rfactor 2
    Track: Knockhill workshop mod:
    Cars: Caterham Academy
    Quali start time: Saturday November 19th; 8PM EST/1AM UK/2AM EU/10AM AEST
    Quali: 30 mins
    Race: 30 mins
    Ingame hour: 3:00PM
    Time progression: x2
    Ingame temp/ weather: 25c dry/clear
    Tuning: open
    Tyres+ fuel: authentic
    Damage: on (50%)
    Start: Standing
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