[SOLVED] Can't get dedicated server (vers. 1110) to run "Test Day"

Discussion in 'Hosting Help' started by Kim Vedel Østerby, May 24, 2018.

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    I have a dedicated server vers. 1110 running. It is currently running 165 minutes of practice and 3 minutes race, but as it is only needed for our team to prepare for a race in october, we would like to have an endless practice server. That is not possible so a 30 hours cycle (Test Day) will be ok. I haven't succeeded getting the server to run Test Day despite changing parameters in multiplayer.json and player.json.

    What to do?

    Edit - deleted the player.json and multiplayer.json files. Restarted the server to get new files. Changed the "Test Day" parameter. Restarted the server and that was it :)
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