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    AI DPi/LMP2 performance level:
    When racing with AI the Cadillac DPi is not faster than the LMP2 cars. The DPis are mixed in with the LMP2s in practice, qualifying and race sessions. From what I understand the LMP2s in rf2 run with about 40 more horsepower in WEC than they do in IMSA which could be contributing. There should be a 2-3 second gap between DPis and LMP2s. I've attached a log from a session at Sebring. I did change the gear ratio to the longer gear in the DPi and assign that setup to the AI, so they are not hitting the rev limiter causing them to lose speed. I have logs from Silverstone, Portland, Nürburgring, they have the same issues at each track. For the attached session, AI were at 105% strength, 60% agression, no AI limiter. Track state was Heavy and temp was around 63 degrees F.

    Cadillac out of sync wheel rev LEDs:

    The rev lights on the Cadillac wheel seem to be out of sync, similar to the Oreca 07. This car shares the same wheel as the Ligier as well, but that car does not have this issue. Unless you are basically stopped, the rev lights on the Cadillac wheel never go below 2 red LEDs. Meaning the only rev light that ever changes while racing is the Blue (max) light going on and off. The Ligier, Oreca and Cadillac all share the same wheel, but the Ligier does not seem to have this issue. I'd be curious to know why the steering wheel looks drastically different in each of those cars even though its the same wheel, but this is probably not the place for that topic.

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    Most of the time I run the Caddy in Hypercar mode, although I have run it as DPi a few times. In the real world DPi's have a lot more bottom end torque than the Gibson GK428 LMP2 engine despite the 40 HP difference. GK428 has a fixed cam where the Caddy has variable valve timing, higher compression and more cubic inches. The Caddy seems to be very sensitive to tuning and out of the box needs several tweaks, although its not too far off for the Spa. However it does seem pretty slow in DPI mode.

    Personally I run the RSS DPI cars for DPI and the Caddy as a Hypercar with the Senna GTR's.

    Its a bit more challenging to set up than the Oreca or the RSS cars. Typically I can dial in a setup that works for me at any given track with 3-4 sessions for most cars (except the RCCO) but so far the Caddy takes about 6-8 sessions for me. One thing I find odd is its like its riding on beam axles with the way it responds to camber and damper changes, particularly when the rear suspension geometry is set to "Std".

    Not sure I would class it as a bug so much as its something to take feedback on for future updates, but I could be alone in that opinion.

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