[NEED INFO] Build 789 Unstable for testing...

Discussion in 'Technical Archives' started by 88mphTim, Jul 16, 2014.

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    Hi guys,

    Please make individual threads for each issue or topic. Please focus on the specific issues from 770 onwards if you can (see build notes), but feel free to post issues (not in known issues txt) from build 49 onwards that still exist. Don't hesitate to let us know about things you think/know we already know about (let the devs decide what they can/can't fix/alter now/later).

    You can post screens from this build in public, mention it, etc, but please don't confuse people or share it with them directly (see below how to share it).

    Feel welcome to test this with your league, but be aware of the confusion that might be caused using this as an official release. Do your league members know how to make fresh installs, etc, if this build caused issues with the next public release? Your league members would also need to be involved HERE and post issues HERE (through league admin if easier).

    You should NOT share a link to it anywhere else. Send them to the Dev Corner and tell them to scroll down.


    By the way, I am not actually working, don't expect much of a response from me personally, the devs will be reading, etc, as usual.


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