BTCC comes to America - CMS's NARS league

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    Join us for CMS's NARS (North American Racing Series) championship on Thursday nights @ 9pm EDT. Finally, a BTCC league will be available for Yanks (although non-Yanks are always welcome)! Using the unparalleled NGTC mod, drivers will follow along with the official schedule starting with Donington, July 16th.

    Standing starts, variable weather, Pro and Am classes across a big field of friendly but determined competition. You'll find racing no matter your skill level. Head over to the CMS discord for more information: or visit the website:

    NARS also runs the VWSC Endurance set every few weeks before the official league races on Saturdays. This includes a custom CMS GTE mod and the official Oreca LMP2. Great short-format endurance racing at the same time slot:
    Join the incredible community of sim racers from all over the world.​
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