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Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Heath J, Apr 24, 2021.

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    Take a look at this, which happened once before during a GT3 race I did for SimRacingMania. We are running the official Dallara 2014 at Eagle Creek.

    Basically, the information displayed by the overlays seems to "fall behind". Notice driver: Miller being shown on pit lane. Actually, he had finished his pit stop. This type of thing occurred several times throughout the race. So, I tried to refresh the overlays...but this time it caused the "refresh overlays" button to "stick" in the "on" position. You'll see terrible stuttering after that. I closed the Chrome browser and relaunched, but the button was still stuck. I even launched Firefox and it was stuck in the new browser as well.

    This went on until I was able to launch SimHub and use a custom tower I made.

    What should I do to avoid this? Any ideas?
    Video is cued
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    i have this issue as well. pit times show and sometimes shows them in the box for a very long time while they are on the course. I am used to ignoring all these never gonna get fixed things but wanted you to know it is a thing.

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