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    Borovaya - Short Minsk Ring for rF2 v0.9

    Track Location : Minsk, USSR.
    Track Type : Public road course
    Track Lenght : 3 layouts 4.03 km. / 2.504 mil., 2.971 km. / 1.846 mil. and 2.745 km. / 1.706 mil.
    Track Period : 1962-1991





    The Short Minsk Ring was opened in 1962. The circuit is situated northeast of Minsk, near Skopishe-second village. On a map the track resembled a triangle; two south sides went along old Zaslavskoe highway, which turned to the south near the village, and the north side ran along a new post-war section of this highway.

    The length of the track was 2850 meters. The track doesn't have any fences or walls around it, but some areas are marked by wooden landmarks or piles of tires.

    Borovaya is located in a hilly region, so the track has huge altitude differences for a such short length around 18 meters.

    In 1966 the track was reconstructed to adapt to international races requirements. To the east of the triangle a new section was built, which ran from Zaslavskoe highway to the south and after three left turns, turned backed to the highway again. The length increased to 4030 meters with 1700 straight, which ran along the highway. At the time, other parts of the track were widened (to 9 meters in width), roadsides were rebuilt, the start-finish -zone was moved to the highway and the track was renamed to Borovaya.

    In 1968 the track was equipped with tire barriers, rooted to the ground, around almost the entire track. The tires become an attribute of Borovaya.

    In the period from 1969-1977 the track hosted the Soviet round of Peace and Friendship Cup of Socialist Countries.

    In 1970 a driver from Czechoslovakia, Vladimir Gubchek, on a formula 3 Lotus-41C, set the absolute record at Borovaya 1.36 (151,13 km/h). Also in 1969-1973 and 1978 the track hosted the USSR championship.

    Borovaya has been hosting races till the early 1990's.

    Objects, Textures and everything else : Dmitry Gavrilenko (Gaus)
    AIW : Artem Shulaev (poozik0)

    Special thanks to:

    Chris(redapg) for help and advice with animation and other rf2 features
    Vlad Shestakov for testing
    ISI and S379 track team for their textures and TSO's.

    Gavrilenko Dmitry aka Gaus - 2022
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    What a cool stuff, thanks!!!!!!!!
    I just love this tracks totally unknown to me what they were from the USSR.

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